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Manea Footprints of Kupe Education

The Manea experience provides links to multiple areas of the Marautanga Māori and New Zealand Curriculum.

Schools and groups will be warmly welcomed to Manea with a pōwhiri (traditional welcoming ceremony). They can then engage with our local guides to learn about the very beginnings of our nation’s history, ask questions, and view the dynamic 4D Theatre presentation, which captures Kupe’s journey to Aotearoa. Following this, you will move to view the surrounding landscape and capture pictures with the wonderful Hokianga harbour backdrop. Groups can then take their time viewing our historical Interactive Gallery, which shares essential elements of our history.

The experience lasts at least 75 minutes, but we would advise making more time to enjoy the local surroundings or link into other activities in the area. Please see the links attached.

Educational materials have been developed by qualified education specialists to support schools before, during, and after the visit.

All schools and groups will need to be accompanied by our local guides; therefore, bookings are essential. We also have a set ratio for supervision, for the safety and management of groups. Our education staff will help to plan for your visit.

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“Manea Footprints of Kupe – our enduring ancestral footprint: where we stand, from where we move forward together.”

John Klaracich
Founding Chair, Te Hua o Te Kawariki Trust


#maneaisnotamuseum it is where we keep the stories of Kupe, alive 🙏🏽 #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
Flashback Friday ‼️💥 3 months ago, we opened Manea Footprints of Kupe to share our understanding of Kupe and the Hokianga, in New Zealand's history. To everyone who has supported our whānau, and vision so far, thank you! #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz @gibsongroup_ @foundationnorth @thetindallfoundation @northlandregionalcouncil @farnorth_dc @nzmaoritourism @purenewzealand
#maneaisnotamuseum it is Kupe’s story told through live performance 🙌🏽 #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is where carvings tell the story of Matahourua and Tāwhirirangi. The two waka (canoe) that made Kupe’s great voyage possible. #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is home to the direct descendants of Kupe. The people of Te Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe. #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is where we welcome you and share our stories, in the hopes that you share them with your whānau 🤍 nau mai, haere mai! #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is where we tell our stories of Kupe. For he carved houses, he constructed canoes, he explored the oceans 🌊 #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is where our atua (deities) are celebrated through the storytelling of Kupe's descendants. The stories bring giant sculptures and carvings to life. #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is where our elders 30 year dream came to life - that is to share Kupe's story with New Zealand and the world 🌏 #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
#maneaisnotamuseum it is where Ngahue stands in quiet but powerful support of Kupe. #ManeaFootprintsofKupe #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
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